VFD-A Series

This series is the first generation of AC motor drive with abundant features, including multi-function I/O terminal, V/f control and auto-torque/auto-slip compensation, built-in RS-485 serial interface (MODBUS) and digital keypad that can be connected to VFD with extended wire. Now it has been updated to B and M series.
‧Output frequency: 0.1~400Hz
‧1-10HP: built-in brake chopper, DC braking function
‧Analog frequency setting: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA.
‧Coast to stop or ramp to stop can be set.
‧Carrier frequency can be adjusted from 3kHz to 15kHz,
‧8-step preset speed control, JOG operation
‧2 sets of accel./decel. time selections and accel./decel. S-curve settings
‧Built-in RS-485 serial interface (Max. baud rate: 4800)
‧Digital keypad can be connected to VFD with the extended wire less than 5m.
Air conditioner for large buildings, woodcarving machine, wastewater treatment system, washing machine, vertical stamping machines, compressor, circular loom, flat knitting machine, pasta machine, etc.

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AFE2000 Series

‧Energy saving with AC/DC dual power flow control and corrects power factor up to 99%.
‧Replaces traditional braking resistor for cost savings, space savings, and energy savings.
‧PWM control substantially reduces peak of harmonic current wave and forms perfect sine wave current.
‧IEEE STD.519–1992 standard for harmonic current distortation of less than 5%.
‧Constant DC bus voltage that is not influenced by mains voltage fluctuation.
‧Supports multiple DC bus intallation:
Outstanding Energy Saving Results

1. Controls harmonic distortion to less than 5% and corrects the power factor up to 99%.

2. As a replacement for traditional brake resistors: A high-watts brake resistor is usually applied to a traditional AC motor drive to absorb the excess regenerative energy generated by motor spinning and frequent braking, and then dissipating the excess energy as heat (see Figure 1).. Using brake resistors as an excess energy solution not only creates additional hardware but also occupies more space. The Delta AFE2000 series provides a new solution: instead of dissipating regenerative energy as heat, it converts regenerative energy into reusable electricity and sends it back to the mains, which reduces total energy consumption. The AFE2000 series is a cost saving and environmentally-friendly product (see Figure 2).

  Indutrial Applications
‧Large-inertia load applications: roving machines, horizontal spiral centrifuges, drilling machines.
‧4-quadrant load applications: cranes, cargo elevators, passenger elevators, oil production machines
‧Quick brake applications: machine tools, high-speed spindles, bag making machines.
‧Long-term feedback energy applications: wind power systems and water power systems.
‧Parallel DC power supply applications: logistics and storage systems, wind power systems, LED lighting systems.
‧Provides excellent power quality for the communication transmission systems of Power Line products.

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IED Series

The Delta Integrated Elevator Drive (IED) meets international safety standards (UL/CE) to ensure elevator passenger safety. The new technology integrates host controller and AC motor drive functions into one MCU which vastly improves the elevator’s operational performance, efficiency and reliability. In addition, the Delta IED series provides one-stop shopping that includes all an elevator needs in planning, assembly, technology and services to lower cost and offer the ultimate flexibility for a wide range of applications. The Delta IED series integrates solutions and professional technical support, providing you with outstanding elevator reliability and performance.
‧Output frequency: 0.00~120.00Hz; ability to output 150% of torque at 0Hz
‧Field Oriented Vector Control precisely controls elevator operation
‧Elevator accelerates or decelerates in a smooth S curve to provide a smooth and reliable ride
‧Back up power connection (supports single-phase 230VAC UPS) to ensure passenger safety when power failure occurs
‧Overload capability: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 3 seconds
‧All models up to 30KW are offered with built-in brake module
‧Built-in Modbus/CAN bus communication interface
‧Optional accessories LCD keypad and PC software for tuning are available upon purchase
High speed elevator, residential elevator, freight elevator, commercial elevator

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HES Series

Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving (HES) System provides precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process and also solves the energy waste issues of a traditional injection molding machine. This solution helps to improve product quality, market competitiveness and productivity.
(1) Superior Energy-Saving Outcomes: Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while providing high productivity and high precision. 40% less energy consumption compared to a variable pump hydraulic systems. 60% less energy consumption compared to a traditional quantitative pump hydraulic system.
(2) Low Oil Temperature: Oil temperature reduced by 5~10 oC; oil usage reduced by 50~60%; requires 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required and for some cases cooler is not required.
(3) High Duplication Accuracy: Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.
(4) Long Holding pressure: Keeps mold halves securely closed for a longer period for thick plastic products formation.
(5) Good Frequency Response: When uses Delta HES with permanent magnetic servo motor (PMSM) speeds up frequency response to 50ms.
(6) Suitable for Harsh Environments: The resolver used in Delta HES is resistant to earthquakes, oil and dust.
(7) Old Machine Replenishment: Supports analog command 0~10V and linear correction (3 points), no replacing
(8) Flow Convergence: Saves cost on tubes, large flow capacity, enhances energy-saving.

System Structure

Convergent Flow Multiple Pumps

Flow Capacity Switch

Convergent Flow/Divergent Flow
Injection Molding Machine

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VFD-V Series

Flux Vector/Torque Control AC Drive. Offering V/F, Open Loop, Closed Loop and high speed control options. All VFD-V series drives are constant and variable torque rated. This NEMA 1rated flux vector drive is capable of 0-3000Hz in V/F mode, and offers rapid response, pinpoint servo position control and speed adjustment.
‧Power Range: 230V 3-phase: 1~50HP; 460V 3-phase: 1~100HP
‧Sensorless vector control with speed control range 1:100
‧PG closed loop control with speed control range 1:1000
‧Output frequency range is 0~600Hz
‧Adjustable V/f curve
‧Automatic torque boost and slip compensation
‧16-step preset speed control and 15-step PLC operation
‧Built-in PID feedback control with Sleep/Wake function
‧Optional PG encoder card for speed feedback and positioning
‧4 sets of accel/decel time selections and independent accel/decal
S-curve settings
‧Specific process control and energy saving operation for fan and
pump application
‧Built-in communication interface RS-485 Modbus (RJ11)
‧Auto-tuning and FOC (field oriented vector control)
Woodcarving machine; crane hoisting; drilling machine; CNC lathe; tooling machine; middle/low-speed passenger elevator; PCB routing machine, etc.

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VFD-L Series

Sub-fractional low cost AC Drive. Specifically designed for low horsepower applications with built-in EMI filter to efficiently reduce electromagnetic interference and to conform to the CE EMI directive.
‧Output frequency 1.0 ~ 400Hz
‧Adjustable V/f curve
‧Carrier frequency up to 10 kHz
‧Auto torque boost and slip compensation
‧Build-in MODBUS communication, baud rate up to 9600 bps
‧Built-in EMI filter
Simple wood cutting, conveyer belt, wire drawing machine, etc.

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VFD-VE Series

This series adopts FOC (Field Oriented Control) which is a far more precise vector control algorithm. It can be used in both speed control and position control similar to a servo motor drive. The multi-function I/O terminal is expanded to meet users’ various application needs. In addition, it is supplied with a Windows based PC software program for managing parameters and dynamic monitoring. It provides an excellent solution for load regulation. It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have “point to point” and relative distance control functions for position control, making it the best choice for challenging industrial control applications.
‧Output frequency: 0~600Hz
‧4 points adjustable V/F curve, Sensorless Vector Control, Field-Oriented Control
‧Position/Speed/Torque control mode
‧Sensorless Vector Control 150% torque at 0.5Hz
‧150% holding torque with speed feedback
‧Overload : 150% for 1 minute and 200% for 2 seconds
‧Rotational/Static Auto-tuning for the motor parameters and Auto-tuning for load inertia
‧Excellence torque limit in all 4 quadrants of operation
‧Dual RS-485 ports, Fieldbus and PC software tools for applications
Power transmission equipment, elevator, crane, CNC tooling machines, extrusion machines, injection molding machines, and auto-storage and retrieval systems.

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REG2000 Series

A traditional drive system used for inertia load work generally performs rapid deceleration, braking and positioning. When its motor is in generator mode it produces large amounts of regenerative energy that must be consumed to maintain a stable DC bus voltage and safe operation. The traditional method to solve the regenerative energy problem is to install a brake resistor. While it is easy to install and is low cost, it takes up a large amount of space and requires installing additional devices to dissipate the heat. This method provides limited efficiency and wastes the regenerative energy.

Delta’s REG2000 series is capable of collecting and converting your system’s regenerative energy into reusable electricity for the ultimate in energy savings. The installation process is as simple as installing a brake resistor, but with only half the size and better efficiency. The REG2000 is your best green energy solution for power regeneration.

‧Lower harmonics and high power factor using sinewave PWM control
‧Compact design with reactor included and easy installation needs only 5 wires of connection
‧Replace traditional brake resistor providing reduced heat generation and more than 95% power regeneration efficiency

‧Improves drive brake torque 125% to 150%
‧MODBUS 485 communication to real-time monitor kWh and cost
‧High flexibility, compatible with other inverters and servo drives
‧Parallel connections* for large power applications
‧More option cards* available upon purchase: MODBUS TCP, CANopen (DS301), PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP
* Please contact Delta Industrial Automation
  Power Range
‧Large-inertia load applications:centrifuge equipment, industrial laundries, roving machines and more.
‧4-quadrant load applications: elevators, cranes, pumpjacks and more.
‧Quick braking applications: machine tools, bag making machines, auto storage and retrieval systems, press machines and more.
‧Long-term energy feedback applications: printing machines, escalators and more.

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VFD-VJ Series

The Delta Hybrid Servo Drive VFD-VJ Series is designed with AC servo technology to drive hydraulic systems with perfect control of the drive, motor and hydraulic unit.
‧Field Oriented Control
‧Suitable for both synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors
‧Built-in brake unit (up to 22kW)
‧RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) and standard MODBUS communication protocol
‧Precise current detection for system protection with safety ensured
‧New software for PC connection allows real time monitoring of AC motor drive status
  Structure of a Hybrid Servo System
When pressure and flow instructions are given to the injection molding machine, the Delta VFD-VJ series begins PID calculation simultaneously to attain the actual pressure and speed feedback data, and drive the servo motor and the hydraulic pump. The Delta VFD-VJ series offers you a system with fast response and high duplication accuracy.

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CH2000 Series

 CH2000 Series
Using new drive technology, Delta presents you with its next generation CH2000 Series AC Motor Drive. Providing high performance with robust design the CH2000 is equipped with a larger starting torque and high overload capability to fulfill the needs of heavy load and impact loading applications.
Super Heavy Load (SHD)
-Overload ability: rated current of 150% up to 60 seconds, 200% up to 3 seconds
-Starting torque: above 200% at 0.5Hz in normal conditions, up to 200% at 0Hz in FOC+PG mode
-Output frequency: 0.00~600.00Hz (for model above 90kW: 0.00~400Hz)
-Induction motor and synchronous motor control
-Built-in PLC program capacity: 10K steps
-Noise reduction
Crane, processing machinery, printing machinery

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